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Nevado del Ruiz


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Nevado del Ruiz

Bird Watching at El Nevado

Colombia and its rich geography is characterized by its six main natural regions, each of which has unique characteristics and makes it one of the best destinations in the world for bird watching.
Northern Tolima where El Libano is located highland forests and the Gateway to El Nevado de Ruiz with the highest abundance of species on the planet, many of them with a reduced range of distribution and with a high number of endemisms in their isolated ecosystems, which makes it one of the best destinations for bird and wildlife watching in Colombia and the world.

The Volcanic Hot Springs

The often chilly weather creates the perfect environment to enjoy soaking in the thermal baths. As you enter the grounds of the hot springs, the main focal point comes into view. A gorgeous waterfall that divides into several different streams cascading down the wide rockface. It's definitely the highlight of the hot springs in El Nevado. The thermal baths consist of various pools at varying temperatures, a children's pool, and several cold water showers. Listening to the sounds of the water as your muscles melt in the heat of the springs is magical. Weekdays are the best days and are not crowed. I wasn't hard to find a space of your own and for a different experience, you may look want to visit other surrounding stunning waterfalls.

Day Trip to Nevado National Park

A full day of adventures in the high mountains of the Andes, this day trip to Nevado del Ruiz departing from Libano, Tolima is, without a doubt, the perfect plan for you. During this visit to the Nevado you will enjoy dazzling landscapes such as the one offered by many Lagunas Negras and its Frailejones, you will walk through magical places such as the Valley of the Tombs and you will visit places as incredible where you will experience the benefits of the delicious thermal waters . In addition, you will have the company of a professional guide who will explain the most important details of each of the places you visit.